37/40MM 4.8"


CTS offers 37/40MM Impact Munitions in single and multiple projectile configurations and varying degrees of energy. These cartridges are 4.8 inches in length and have a dual rim, allowing them to be chamber and fired from a single and multi 40MM launchers. 

37/40MM Multi-3 Foam Baton, Model 3551
37/40MM .31 Cal Sting-Ball, Model 3553
37/40MM .60 Cal Sting-Ball, Model 3558
37/40MM Super-Sock®, Model 3581
37/40MM Wood Baton, Model 3561
37/40MM Nylon Flex Green, Model 3582
37/40MM Nylon Flex Yellow, Model 3583
37MM Nylon Flex Red, Model 3584