Level 2 OC

Level 2 OC Spray is a more potent formulation (0.67% major capsaicinoids) with greater heat effect.  CTS Level 2 OC Sprays are offered in a variety of sizes and delivery systems to include stream, fog, foam, and gel

MK-3 Stream, Model 1321
MK-3 Foam, Model 1322
MK-3 Fog, Model 1323
MK-3 Gel, Model 1324
MK-4 Stream, Model 1421
MK-4 Foam, Model 1422
MK-4 Fog, Model 1423
MK-4 Gel, Model 1424
MK-6 Stream, Model 1621
MK-6 Gel, Model 1624
MK-9 Stream, Model 1921
MK-9 Foam, Model 1922
MK-9 Fog, Model 1923
MK-9 Gel, Model 1924