Indoor 63 Series Vapor Grenades

The Vapor® Series is unique. Not to be confused with the model 1337 Tactical Grenade from our aerosl line of products, this is not just an aersol can in a grenade for several reasons: (1) Within inches from the dispersion port, the Vapor® formulation is invisible. Hence, the psychological effect is enhanced; (2) The payload is much larger; (3) The formulation strength equates to a Level 2 OC at 0.67 MC: (4) The molecular weight of the the Vapar Grenade is very low, therefore, it has a better hang time and transports through the air more efficiently than a regular fog; and, (5) The Vapor® grenades have the fit form and function of a grenade. The most advantageous of these functions is a 1.5 second delay from the M201 fuze.  

YouTube: Learn more about the OC Vapor® Grenade from this video.

Indoor CS Vapor Grenade, Model 6330
Indoor OC Vapor Grenade, Model 6340
Indoor OC/CS Vapor Grenade, Model 6343