12GA Striker

The Striker 12GA Shotgun is a 12-shot, spring-advance revolving magazine fed system. With a capacity of 12 rounds it can be utilized in lethal and less lethal applications. The Striker stands out as a very capable breaching shotgun as well. The vented muzzle break makes for a perfect stand-off device and it has plenty round capacity to get the job done. Once wound, the magazine rotates with each trigger pull and has an auto eject function that ejects each spent shell after is is fired. The Striker is light wieght and the ergonomic design reduces recoil significant. Enough so that it can be operated with one hand. The Striker's spring advance feature also makes it the first choice in 12-guage for robotic mounted platforms. 

12GA Striker 18" Fixed
12GA Striker 18" Collapsing
12GA Striker 12" Fixed
12GA Striker 12" Collapsing
12GA Striker 7.5" Fixed
12GA Striker 7.5" Collapsing