2577 – 12GA Heavy Door Breacher

*A 12GA non-toxic, heavy frangible slug used to disrupt locking mechanisms and hinges of external and internal doors comprised of hardened material.  Effectiveness is dependent on shot placement, length of the muzzle from the impact area, and the type of locking attachments. The baseline for the Model 2577 slug is solid hard wood and metal fire doors. The ability of the slug to retain its form also enables an added stand-off capability. Effectiveness will vary, but this breaching slug is compatible with existing shotguns available to military special operations forces, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

CAUTION: The Model 2577 is a heavier breaching slug with greater penetrating and destructive capability. Therefore, it poses greater risk to humans. It is not recommended for use on most domestic law enforcement operations involving residential exterior or interior doors. Breaching rounds are designed for specific tactical situations. One must be trained specifically in the technique and tactics and exercise extreme care and caution to minimize the possibility of this projectile striking a human opposite the door.

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