2581 – 12GA Super-Sock® Bean Bag, Point Control Impact Munition

12GA Super-Sock® Bean Bag

*The Model 2581 Super-Sock® is in its deployed state immediately upon exiting the barrel. It does not require a minimum range to “unfold” or “stabilize.” The Super-Sock® is an aerodynamic projectile and it’s accuracy is relative to the shotgun, barrel length, environmental conditions, and the operator. The Super-Sock® is first in its class providing the point control accuracy and consistent energy to momentarily incapacitate violent, non-compliant subjects. Effective range is 75ft.

**Also available in Blue (2581B), Green (2581G), Red (2581R) and Yellow Marking Powder (2581Y).

Priced Individually Per Cartridge, Must Order in Quantities of 5

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