4505 – 40MM 4557 Reload Kit – 250 Shot Practice Only-250 Inserts, 25 Cases, 30 Bands and 30 Noses

*4505 – 40MM 4557 Reload Kit – 250 Shot Practice Only.  250 inserts, 25 cases, 30 bands and 30 noses.

Performance is based on averages, which are the same as the 4557 Foam Baton, with increased variation. A Reload Press (4557RP) is required for assembly. Prior to use, please review the reloading instructions. Any person using the 4557 Training Munition should receive proper training to ensure the safest and most effective use. The sale of this product is restricted to military, law enforcement, and corrections.

CAUTION: Dispersion of the projectiles creates a greater risk of eye injury, and requires the operator to target a low point of impact, below the belt line, on human targets.

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