3581 – 37MM Super Sock® Bean Bag, 4.9″ Long

*The patented 37 MM 3581 Super Sock® Bean Bag provides the best point control accuracy of any other munition in this caliber.  Will momentarily incapacitate violent non-compliant subjects.

Super-Sock’ is designed to deliver its kinetic energy over a relatively large area and impart a Less-Lethal impact to the target. It may cause bruises, skin abrasion and other injuries associated with blunt trauma.

The Super-Sock’ projectile is in its deployed state immediately upon exiting the weapon barrel. It does not require a minimum range to ‘unfold’ or ‘stabilize’. Optimal ranges are between 5 and 15 yards. However, it is stressed that shot placement rather than deployment range is the critical factor in determining the extent of injury caused. Shots to the head, neck, thorax, heart or spine can result in fatal or serious injury.

CAUTION: Dispersion of the projectiles creates a greater risk of eye injury, and requires the operator to target a low point of impact, below the belt line, on human targets.


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